Greg’s Piano Forte is very experienced…

Greg’s Piano Forte is very experienced and professional in all that they do. Greg has recently done major work on my Baldwin piano, and I am extremely pleased with how the piano plays and sounds. Greg is very knowledgeable and thorough! Highly recommended!
Greg’s Piano Forte has also moved a piano for me. It went very smoothly. Very experienced mover.


Greg’s Piano Forte is a full service piano business, a one stop shop. Greg not only buys and sells a variety of pianos, he tunes and can service every type of piano that has been made. Greg is very conscientious and does the very best job he possibly can. In fact, Greg loves to rebuild pianos and make them sound even better than new! He individually caters to each customer with the goal of making each one a happy customer. Over the years, he has become a mentor and friend to many of his employees, teaching them about pianos, customer service, and especially and about life. I would recommend Greg’s Piano Forte for any and all piano needs!

Judy Roberts Troyer

Very knowledgeable about pianos, tuning, repairs, etc!

Ericka Sheppard

I used this company to move a piano to my house and up several stairs. They were reasonably priced, professional, and very knowledgeable. Thank you Greg for your excellent service.

Maureen Connors

Greg is always professional. His expertise and knowledge about pianos is amazing

Joan McDonough Ball

The piano keys feel the best they ever have. It is much more the key feel that I would expect. It has never been like this, and I truly appreciate your help getting it sorted out. That was really the only reason I have continued to consider purchasing a baby grand over the years. I think our piano has just been very different from the key feel on the piano we had growing up. It was not the best piano, but I always really liked it and this always just seemed sluggish to me.

it is funny, because my brother-in-law’s family in Cincinnati has a Walter, and I have played it just a bit when we have visited and that is what made me purchase ours. When we were there a year or so ago, Sean took his piano books with him and we played a bit and I told them I did not understand what the issue was, because their Walter was so much different from ours, but we have the same piano. Their piano was just about 5 or 7 years older. Sean swore they played the same and told me I was crazy. At the time I remember saying maybe they came up with some new “improvement” that made the key action feel different. I don’t know, but I am so happy to have ours feeling so good. That was time well spent.

Thank you!

Karen McHugh

Greg has literally moved over a hundred pianos for a renovation that I was overseeing. The process was demanding and time sensitive, at no time during this 1½ year project did Greg and his team miss a beat. Looking forward to working with them in the future, best regards.

Bryan Baron

I have known Greg Newell for too many years to count (since high school). He is a great musician and piano technician. He has been my piano tuner for years; he is incredibly patient with my old piano and always manages to get it back in tune despite its issues. Greg is an honest and forthright individual who deals fairly with everyone. I give him my highest recommendation as a businessman and have referred many friends to him. They are all very pleased with his work, his prices, and his integrity.

Andrea Gale

Greg and his work on pianos, piano moving, and restoration is exemplary, and worth the fair cost!

Kira Seaton

Greg has consistently given me valuable advice through the years, very knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Joseph Kilcoyne

Can’t be any happier with my piano moving experience. Showed up on time, courteous, professional and just overall great people. I have a small Parma bungalow and was afraid it wasn’t going to fit in the room we had dedicated for the mini grand. These guys took their time and made sure it worked out and everything went smooth. Will MOST DEFINITELY be calling them back when it’s time to move.

Yuriy K.

Unfortunately, I cancelled the piano move for a reason that had nothing to do with Greg, but he was very courteous on the phone and was able to reschedule on a Sunday when I had a last minute change up.

Eric E.

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