About Greg’s Piano Forte

Greg’s Piano Forté is a full service piano company based in Lakewood, Ohio, near west side suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. We have been serving greater Cleveland and beyond since October of 1984. We seek to provide a level of service unequaled among our peers while always staying mindful of the needs of our customers.

Greg engages in ongoing education through manufacturer training and Piano Technicians Guild and Master Piano Technicians Guild of America information sharing via their respective web based forums. Regular conventions where classes are held are attended when our work schedule permits.

Greg carries certification in Yamaha Disklavier service and QRS Pianomation installation and service. Greg continues to explore ways to get the most from every piano seeking to raise the level of expectation from what current designs are able to produce.

We serve area schools, colleges, universities, music schools, businesses and private individuals alike providing every service necessary to care for your treasured possession. We strive to provide you with the very best and most efficient, cost effective service possible!

PHONE: (216) 226-3791  ⋅  MOBILE: (216) 470-8634

Offering Complete Piano Services

Greg Newell ⋅ Lakewood, Ohio

Phone: (216) 226-3791
Mobile: (216) 470-8634

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