At Greg’s Piano Forte’ we often find used pianos that are candidates for a further life. They are sometimes neglected, or even orphaned or we can get them rather inexpensively. We breath new life into them using our skills which makes them not only a joy to play but also something that will last you and/or your family for years to come. We have not only used pianos but benches and accessories too! If you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask!

Piano Tuning

There are many things to consider when deciding how a piano should be tuned. One is the music which will be played. If a player or artist plays almost exclusively a certain era of music, there are temperaments (spacing of the notes) that are more pleasing for different eras of music. There are also considerations of how much octaves are stretched. A piano can be made to sound more or less brilliant with either aggressive or nonexistent octave stretching respectively. More Information

Piano Moving

The move of any instrument must be done with the utmost care. We employ all the latest techniques of tools and equipment to not only protect the safety of your instrument but also your home as well as our employees. We are experienced, insured and willing to move your piano in Cuyahoga and surrounding counties. Please call us to discuss your specific moving needs and concerns. Please call for more information on our rates. More Information

Piano Repair

Like any investment, a piano needs routine care to ensure that it is getting the job done at peak performance, all the time. Many manufacturers state that your piano should be tuned at least twice a year after it has “broken in” or had its initial settling. Any time the piano is not producing sound that you want to hear is reason enough to call and have it tuned. More Information

Piano Rebuilding

In a rebuild, we are typically taking an older piano and restoring it to “like new” condition. It may be damaged in multiple ways and needs more than a few minor repairs to get it back into respectable playing shape. Wood frames can sometimes be repaired depending on their condition. As I write this, we’re currently restoring a 1907 Steinway Baby Grand. It’s getting a new soundboard, new pin block, new strings, new dampers, new action parts and more. We refinish the piano, replace the worn out parts, and make your piano like new again. More Information

Piano Refinishing

When refinishing the piano we strip off the old finish which can be either scratched, dulled, weathered, or compromised in some other way. We then repair all surfaces and blend in matching color. A top coat is then applied which can be Satin, Satin Luster, Gloss or High Polish. Once all the top coats are applied a final rub out to obtain evenness throughout is performed and the piano is then ready for delivery back to our customer. More Information

Piano Redesign

Greg’s Piano Forte can alter the original design of your piano and make it better than the factory. This service is for people who really want to take their piano to the next level, or just alter it to meet their needs. A redesign is essentially a performance enhancement. Typical things we do during a redesign include: making the soundboard more efficient, improving various stringing scales to remove sections that don’t blend well together, and altering the general design. Other aspects of redesign can be something like making repetition faster by altering the action and making various elements of the piano more responsive. More Information

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